About Me

I graduated from Bangor University in 2010 with a BSc degree in Computer Science with Business Studies. During my time as a student I also worked for Antena part-time, where I began to develop my PHP, VB.NET and HTML skills in a professional environment.  After graduating, I was employed by Bangor University as an IT Technician for the SEACAMS project.

At SEACAMS my initial role was to aid and assist with technical issues, e.g fixing various hardware issues, and installing software etc…. Within a year I was given a promotion due to the work I was doing at the time was different to what was on the job description. Due to this, I was able to expand my web development skills even further.   I built the SEACAMS website and CMS, whilst also assisting with the development of the project’s CRM,  these projects where built using Python/Django, along with HTML, CSS and jQuery.   Whilst at SEACAMS I was lucky enough to be a part of the SeaWatch app, where I assisted with the development of the app, and also the web front.   The app allowed participating boat operators to track the species they sighted whilst out at sea, the app would send the data back to the servers, and a website would display the data on a map.

in 2014 I left SEACAMS to pursue a career in mobile app development,  and I was hired by Cynnal to do just that, and I am still here now. Since I have been at Cynnal I have developed 4 apps for iOS:

I have assisted in the front end development work for the following digital resources and systems:

Recently, I have developed a screen signage system for use in Schools, where users can create a display for their reception, hallway, canteen etc….. It has been a challenging project, and I anticipate for the system to expand dramatically in coming months as more and more schools sign up for it.

In my spare time (when I find it) I have my own projects to develop,  I enjoy to develop nice and simple apps with HTML and JavaScript using the PhoneGap service.  I do have a few projects in development, and I have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, hopefully I can find the time to develop them all.