I’m always thinking of idea’s for fun apps for all ages, and now trying to push bilingual apps in English and Welsh, I am also aiming towards the Tourism and the Education sector and also every now and then, catering an app for everyone.

My recent idea, at the moment is a Maths based mini game – where the user will see a sum e.g  2 ? 2 = 4, and the user will have to guess the operator that completes the sum, so in case of the example above, they would need to click on the + icon. The user will be timed, the more correct answers they get in a row, a increase time bonus will be added onto their remaining time.

I’m hoping to also have some statistics produced on this game too, so that the user can know if they are improving each time, which I think will be an added incentive for repeat usage.

I will initially release the App in Welsh, and then soon down the line in English too – available in both iOS and Android.

Here is a preliminary design for the app idea,  I must state that the name is not final, and aspects of the design will most likely change before release:



My main goal for the design is to try and make it as simplistic and modern using flat design and elegant fonts, whilst also making it aesthetically pleasing for the eye.  I’m no design expert,  so based on suggestions from friends and other users, things are most likely to change with this design.

I’ll post a follow up once I start on the development of the app.